Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What's New This Week


  • New alignment shortcuts for Windows and ChromeOS
    • alt + A:  Align left
    • alt + D:  Align right
    • alt + W: Align top
    • alt + S:  Align bottom
    • alt + H:  Align horizontal centers
    • alt + V:  Align vertical centers
    • shift + ctrl + alt + H: Distribute horizontal spacing
    • shift + ctrl + alt + V: Distribute vertical spacing


  • Improved word wrapping for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages
  • Styles are now sorted correctly in the color picker window
  • Letter spacing, line height, and font size shortcuts will now work when you’re in text edit mode


  • Sometimes a new file could open with a blank Properties Panel. We fixed this so it is always visible.
  • Creating a new text object while an existing one was selected would sometimes create a 0-width text-object. We fixed this so text boxes do not start with a 0-width.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the pen tool dot from disappearing when switching away from the pen tool.
  • Previously, we would show a star for the drafts folder that didn't do anything. We removed it since your drafts are always available in the file browser.
  • Flattening lines with an inside or outside stroke would double the stroke width incorrectly. Now, flattening a line will not change the stroke width.
  • Replacing a single highlighted digit in the transform panel would replace the entire value. Now, we correctly replace only the highlighted value instead of the entire value.
  • Opening several files would sometimes result in some of them from loading. We fixed this so your files will always open on the first attempt.
  • Importing a Sketch file over a very slow internet connection would result in a failed upload. We fixed this so you can successfully import files over a slow internet connection.
  • The frame background color would always be visible in the export preview regardless of the Show in Exports setting. We fixed this to respect the setting.
  • Some of the icons in the Material Icon font would show the wrong icon. We fixed this so your icons should appear correctly now.
  • Sometimes deleted transitions would still appear when you view your prototypes. We fixed this so deleted transitions will no longer appear.
  • Fixed a bug where updating a text style did not update all instances of that style correctly.