Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's New This Week


  • We've added the prototype transition and easing settings to our API

  • Viewing a comment from your email would always open the Figma file zoomed out too far. We fixed this so files opened from comment emails always zoom in to the frame so you can quickly reply.
  • Using really long descriptions when annotating your version history would sometimes result in a failure. We fixed this so long descriptions will be saved correctly.
  • Canceling a file import would prevent you from importing a file again without refreshing your page. We fixed this so you can always import files, even after canceling a previous import.
  • Editor
    • Previously, masked elements would be selectable outside of the visible portion, preventing you from selecting objects below it. We fixed this so you can only select the visible portions of a masked object.
    • Viewing a master style when you only have view-only access to the publishing file would result in a blank properties panel. We now show the style properties in the original file.
    • View Only mode always displayed Layout Grids, making it difficult to quickly view designs. We now hide layout grids in by default so you can quickly view designs. You can still toggle them on for more detailed inspection.
    • We incorrectly rounded up the dimensions of exports when using a 2x multiplier. Now, we export your designs more accurately. 
    • The missing fonts indicator would remain visible in the toolbar after you successfully replaced the missing fonts in your file. Now, it will disappear automatically after replacing your missing fonts.
    • The CSS code we generated for gradients was incorrect. We fixed this so our CSS correctly matches your designs.
    • The “Show in exports” setting for the Frame background would not respond correctly to clicks. Now, the entire label and the checkbox responds to clicks correctly.
  • Type
    • Standard text editing shortcuts were not working in text-edit mode. We fixed this so you can rely on your existing selection shortcuts when you’re working with text in Figma.
    • International keyboards that used the AltGr key to enter special characters were unable to enter those keys in text objects. We fixed this so you should be able to use AltGr to enter text in Figma.
    • The Show Google Fonts checkbox was inverted in the Advanced Type panel. Now, when you enable or disable the Show Google Fonts setting, we will do the right thing and definitely not the opposite thing.
  • Team Library
    • Copying and pasting a detached team library instance into a new file could result in losing any overrides in the instance. We now do a better job preserving your overrides when copying between files.
    • Symbols from imported Sketch files would not appear publishable to your Team Library. We fixed this so you can quickly import a Sketch file and publish all of the symbols to your team library.
  • Prototyping
    • Fill style overrides for text objects would not be shown correctly in your prototype. We fixed this so text objects with fill style overrides always appear.
    • Device backgrounds will now be black instead of the prototype background
    • Prototype would sometimes show small spaces between the device frame and the prototype. We fixed this so you shouldn’t see any spaces between the device and your content.
    • Prototype embeds incorrectly displayed a fullscreen button that didn’t work. Embeds will no longer display the broken button.
    • Panning inside a device frame outside of the bounds of the frame would scroll the entire device. Now, we only scroll the entire device when panning outside of the device
    • Scrolling and transitioning through your prototype really quickly could break the ability to scroll. We fixed this so scrolling always works when viewing your prototype.
    • Comments added to a scrolling prototype would not always scroll correctly. We fixed this so comments scroll correctly.
    • In small browser windows, device frames would appear blurry. We fixed this so the device frames are always super sharp.
    • We now support horizontal scrolling on mobile devices
    • Fixed a bug where an object could be incorrectly set as the origin for a prototype