Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What's New This Week

  • You can now scroll within the color picker area to change the color. Hold Alt to adjust opacity while scrolling!
  • Keeping your Styles organized just got easier! Add a prefix to your style names like "Text/Red" and "Text/Blue" to group them under a "Text" subheader in the style picker. 

  • Now you have full control over Related Components (aka Best Matches) in the instance swap menu. Just move your components into the same frame or name them with the Same/Name/Prefix for quick swapping access

  • Editor
    • Selecting a replacement font in the missing font dialog would immediately apply the new font and prevent you from changing your selection again. We fixed this by having a separate button to apply the replacement fonts once the correct fonts and styles have been chosen.
    • Fixed a bug where we ignored the viewBox property when importing SVGs
    • Fixed a bug where the line height did not display correctly in the Code Tab if you did not have the font installed
    • Resizing a group would place all of its children off-pixel. We fixed this so that, if you have the Snap to Pixel setting enabled, resizing a group will ensure that all children are placed on whole pixels
  • Components
    • Fixed a bug where detaching an instance would lose resize overrides


  • Fixed a bug where we double count opacity when applying a Layer Blur to an object that has a Layer opacity setting less than 100%
    • To achieve the previous behavior, you can square the opacity setting on the affected layers. For example, for a layer with a 50% opacity setting, you would change it to 25% ( .5 x .5 = .25)

  • Fixed a bug where blend modes inside a mask do not apply to the objects below the mask. We fixed this so blend modes will now correctly blend with the layers below the masking group. 
    • To achieve the previous behavior where the blend modes inside the mask do not apply to objects below the mask, you can change the Blend Mode for the Mask Group from Pass Through to Normal. In the example below, to achieve the old behavior, you select the “Mask Group” layer and make the change in the Properties Panel.