Wednesday, October 28, 2020

⚡️Power Up Your Design Systems

We’re rolling out new features to help teams scale their design systems so even the most complex components can be structured intuitively. 

  • 🌉 Bridge design and code components with Variants
    • Related components can be grouped together and combined as variants within a component set. 
    • Each set of variants will appear as a single component within the assets panel. 
    • Quickly switch between variants using a new UI that maps to the properties of your front-end components.

  • 🔍 Translate designs into code easily with the new Inspect Tab
    • Parent components are now highlighted on the canvas with a dotted line when selected, along with being displayed in the Inspect Tab.
    • Actions, animation types, and curves can now be found in the Inspect Tab.

  • 👀 Updated version history access
    • Viewers in Figma can now see a file’s version history, review changes, and open previous versions. Only Editors can revert changes or update version history.