Thursday, September 13, 2018

What's New This Week

  • File Space
    • Sometimes, images would appear upside down in the File Thumbnails. We fixed this so images in the thumbnails appear the same way they do in the files
  • Team Library
    • Copying and pasting an unpublished component to another file would require you to manually add it to the library before you could publish it. We now do this automatically so you can quickly publish components to your Team Library.
  • Styles
    • In the Desktop App, "Go to Master Style" would incorrectly prompt you to restore a component. We now correctly switch you to the master file without a prompt.
    • Multiple selection that contain objects with and without styles would prevent you from editing their properties in the Properties Panel. We fixed this so you can edit values for multiple selection more quickly.
    • Moving a style would show you an unpublished prompt in the new and original file. We now move the style successfully without any unnecessary publish prompts.